Pain Medicine Fellowship (6-12 months)

The fellow will be allocated to 2 acute pain rounds and 2 chronic pain clinics per week. The remaining clinical time will be in clinical anaesthesia. Please note that this fellowship is not accredited for the core training stage of ANZCA Faculty of Pain Medicine (FPM) training but previous fellows have gained prospective accreditation from the FPM for the practice development stage (Year 2 of FPM training). Prospective applicants should seek up-to-date information from FPM with regards to their training requirements.

Learning Outcomes
By the end of the fellowship, the fellow will be able to:

  • Assess and manage complex acute pain cases
  • Assess and manage chronic non-cancer pain
  • Appraise the multidisciplinary treatment of chronic pain
  • Organise a pain service for a department

  • Maintenance of a learning portfolio to document management of 15 key cases, comprising 10 acute and 5 chronic pain cases

Lead Clinician for fellowship: Dr Jim Olson and Assoc. Prof Michal Kluger