Upper GI Anaesthesia Fellowship (12 months)

The fellow will be allocated to lists for upper GI surgery and procedures approximately 50% of their clinical time. These include liver resections, bariatric surgery, Whipple’s procedures, oesophagectomies, and ERCPs. We have the highest volume of upper GI cases in the country. Note that transplants are not performed at our institution.

Learning Outcomes
By the end of the fellowship, the fellow will be able to:

  • Provide anaesthesia for upper GI surgery and related procedures, including endoscopic procedures requiring anaesthetic input
  • Apply the principles of anaesthesia for bariatric surgery, including relevant perioperative issues
  • Demonstrate proficiency in anaesthesia for live surgery (excluding transplants)
  • Demonstrate proficiency in anaesthesia for oesophageal surgery, including potential complications

  • Maintenance of a logbook to document upper GI cases, including follow-up of patients when necessary
  • Attendance at the Upper GI preoperative clinic

Lead Clinician for fellowship: Dr Lindsay Gray