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The Procedural Access IN Training (PAINT-2) study is a multi-centre prospective observational study of procedures performed by learners and associated levels of supervision. It is a follow-up to the PAINT-1 study published in 2020 (Pearce, Sidhu, et al. BJA 2020; 124(3):e70-6).

The PAINT-2 study is
two-week observational study that requires no change to your daily practice with patients. It will involve collecting information from both supervisors and learners on procedures performed and levels of supervision, at the end of each list where a supervisor is paired with a learner.

Our ultimate goal is to evaluate access to procedures in training and, if required, make recommendations to improve teaching and learning.
All local site investigators and/or trial coordinators will be list as study collaborators in the 'PAINT-2 Study Group'.

PAINT-2 Information Sheet and FAQ

If your department would like to participate in the study, please contact Dr Nav Sidhu